Stainless Steel MIG Wire ER308LSi (15 Kg Spool) – TSA Welding Supplies
Stainless Steel Mig Wire Er308Lsi (15 Kg Spool) Mig Wire

Stainless Steel MIG Wire ER308LSi (15 Kg Spool)

  • R 2,028.60 VAT Inclusive

ER308LSI is suitable for joining stainless steels of the 304 type and 308 types. Welding speed is higher that 308 or 308L due to improved weldability of the weld metal.

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Ask a Question
  • If i buy a roll of .8 stainlessteel wire can i weld it with my mic welder (200) with arcon gas

    Hi, unfortunately you can't use argon for mig welding, you need a gas mix of mostly Co2 . 

    Also, it only comes in 15kg spools which might be too big for your 200A Mig Welder.